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Chairman's New Year Message
TIME: 2020-12-23

Chairman's message: Facing complexity, stay firm, and usher in joy-written on the occasion of the approaching of the new year 2021

Incredible 2020, morbid and complicated:

From the vacancy and fear in January and February, the struggling and searching in March and April, the transformation and moving in May and June, the calmness and layout in July and August, the habituation and pioneering and enterprising in September and October... In a blink of an eye to the end of the year, However, the sequelae of the epidemic has caused many difficulties in international transportation. The soaring freight has caused a huge impact on the export business far beyond expectations, and brought more uncertainty to the market in the coming year.


2020 was opened in a special way, and there was a lot of emotion when closing...

Complicated 2020 is both suffering and growth for individuals. Wandering between fear, emotion, anger, expectation, hope, and joy, health is more important than power and money, life can be simple, and the company of family members replaces the noise of entertainment.

Complicated 2020 will be suffering and growth for the company. The threat of bankruptcy, resumption of work and production, elimination and transformation, and rebirth. Regardless of the scale, the bosses are more or less lingering on the same question: what if it doesn’t work? In the end, the strong will always be strong. Opportunities are always given to those who are prepared. Looking back, there are indeed some reasons and reasons.


2020 was opened in a special way, and there was a lot of emotion when closing...

In a complicated 2020, we have ushered in an unusual journey in each business sector of the Crown international corporation:

Car service, as a firm transportation support for the fight against the epidemic, will bring masks to normal operations after the Spring Festival in February, bringing comfort and peace of mind to panicking cities.

Colleagues from the export company were busy purchasing masks and other anti-epidemic materials overseas to support the domestic front-line fight against the epidemic in the first quarter. After the domestic epidemic situation stabilized a little in the second quarter, they also donated anti-epidemic materials from domestic procurement to overseas hospitals and international customers.

It’s all about transnational friendship and care that comes and goes. The virus is ruthless and affectionate!


2020 was opened in a special way, and there was a lot of emotion when closing……

Colleagues from the import company, the first quarter ushered in a large number of imported materials detained in Hong Kong, domestic customers were unable to resume work and production and delivery due to the epidemic, and the long-term detention of a large number of imported goods in Hong Kong caused a daily cost of 100,000 yuan.


The epidemic that has not happened in a century has brought unprecedented challenges to the international supply chain. The repeated epidemics at home and abroad have caused continuous interruptions in international transportation and imbalances in market supply and demand. What tests everyone is the will experience and the ability to solve uncertain problems. I believe that every colleague has gained unprecedented experience and improvement. This is also the biggest gain in the 2020 epidemic year, and it is also our strength for further improvement and progress in the future!

Incredibly complex 2020, unforgettable for a long time, but will eventually turn over! After the New Year's bell rings, hug the people around you, thank each other, and work together to enter 2021, stay firm and usher in joy, I believe it will be a good year!

Crown international corporation Chairman

Tim Liang