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Crown Chemical is 13 years old Happy birthday!
TIME: 2021-01-06

13 years journey, a new begin to a new dream


Crown Chemical is 13 years old


Happy birthday!


13 years ago, Crown Chemical was founded

 Like every newborn

We are ambitious and curious 


Our pioneers devoted


Like a barren land turns into an oasis


Green and life


Like the four seasons

Spring is full of birds and flowers

There is a thin warm breath in it

Hot sun and fierce rain

Dead leaves

The bitter wind and the snow


Crown experienced

Hope and vision

Dreams and persistence

Bitter and helpless

Frustration and pain


Crown Chemicals spirit


Persistence and courage


Responsible and professional


Today's crowe

More confident

More composed

Pay tribute to the trail blazers

To you who once dreamed of something


The future of crown

It will be the same as always

Love, justice and dreams

Dare to fight, dare to rush, dare to bear