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Business philosohpy
Business philosohpy

To improve Chinese tire industry quality and

provide dedicated service


Crown Chemical was founded in 2007, with the mission to become the new eco-friendly engine of China's tire industry. We provide optimized supply solutions, special, advanced and reliable chemical materials and services, we dedicated to sourcing globally with a wide range of chemical products including green rubber process oil, insoluble sulfur, petroleum resin, functional resin, silica, zinc oxide, accelerator, processing aid, polyester tire cord and nylon 66. Our supply chain covers curing system……


Our main products include materials for tire vulcanization, filler reinforcement, adhesion, plasticization,

framework material and tire special function. Based on the basic materials, weare devoted ourselves to high-performance and modified functional materials.

Rubber Oil CP-1206;Nytex 810;Nytex 820 ……
C5 ; C9 ;C5/C9 copolymer Hydrocarbon resin ;CUMARONE ……
Nylon 66 Tire Cord ;PET Tire Cord; PA56 ……
Insoluble Sulfur;1% oil treated sulfur;sulfurs ……
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    Crown Chemical cooperates with qualified and professional logistics partners, covering DG, liquid and chemical transportation. 100% satisfaction are guaranteed. We provide more than 30 tire clients with well-rounded service.


    Crown Chemical sets up chemical storage tanks in Weifang and Dongying, China, ensuring supply and safety inventory. Crown Chemical registered Rizhao Dangerous Goods Company to serve customers' needs for special chemicals.


    Crown Chemical evolves based on the integrated development of technological innovation, industrialization and commercialization. We research and develop new products together with universities and companies. We jointly developed a liquid bio-based resin as a reinforcing agent and a bio-based polyamide product as a framework material. With the advantage of understanding the market and technology, we are helping tire manufacturers gain an advantage in the market.


    Crown Chemical focuses on finding solutions and providing value-added products to customers. Product includes Process Oil, Insoluble Sulphur, Petro Resin, Functional Resin, Silica, ZnO, Accelarators, Wax, Nylon from global suppliers. We are a special, advanced, and reliable raw material supplier and service provider.

  • Market
    Crown Chemical are strategic partners with more than 30 tire enterprises in China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, South America, Serbia, Egypt, and other countries. We are also expanding in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa and other emerging markets.
  • Industrial Chain
    Industrial Chain
    Crown Chemical focuses on green raw materials and has established long-term and stable cooperation with suppliers in Sweden, Spain, Slovenija, Poland, Serbia, Turkey, the United States, South Korea, Taiwan and other countries and regions. We are sourcing qualified materials and optimizing supply chain globally.
  • Product System
    Product System
    The product system of Crown rubber business covers curing, filling and reinforcing, bonding, plasticizing, skeleton, special function and other systems. It also actively develops the basic chemical business, paper industry related business, ink and coating industry. Crown Chemical is devoted to promote the rubber industry product upgrade, accelerate technological innovation.
Today, the Crowntyre celebrated its 15th anniversary.We celebrate the 15th anniversary of the establishment of Crown tyre and share the joy of Crowntyre’s 15th birthday……
Recently, the bio-based nylon 66 developed by Crown Chemicals, KAISAI Biotech, and OTIZ Industrial has made substantial progress with the strong support of Linglong Tire. The tire’s proving ground test has passed the test. The skeleton material of foreign card necks has broken through the restrictions and has officially emerged in the tire industry.……
Bio-based materials comply with tire industry 'de-petrochemical & all-green' goal.Surpassing the monopoly of adiponitrile and nylon 66 products, it helps tire companies reduce costs and increase efficiency.……