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Anti reversion agent


Initial Melting Point 

Final Melting Point ℃

ash %

Heating loss %


BKT 901

white powder/granules

≥ 75




For NR, NBR, IR, (H)IIR, SBR and BR and their blends.
BKT 901 is active during long vulcanization times and during thermal degradation to benefit cured articles. The loss of crosslink density caused by reversion is reconstituted to its initial level. BKT 901, therefore, is the solution for thick molded articles.
BKT 901 has no influence on cure and initial vulcanisate properties. Only during the reversion process BKT 901 will build up new crosslinks to stabilize the crosslink density via a Diels Alder mechanism. Overall the mechanical and dynamic properties of a vulcanisate after long vulcanisation time or severe dynamic stress during use are constant.