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Moving ahead and stay glory: Crown internationol Corporation 15th Anniversary
TIME: 2021-07-12


At the beginning of the celebration, Tim, the chairman of the overseas group, gave a speech to everyone through online video, discussing the impact of the epidemic on the market, and proposed the concept of "river diversion" from both political and market aspects, analyzed the current market situation, and outlined the guidelines. Down the road of development. In his speech, Tim encouraged everyone to innovate ideas. Instead of confining to the impact of ocean freight on the business, he should expand his vision to a broader supply of ideas and products. "There is no declining market, only declining ideas." This is not only Encouragement is a wake-up call.

    Tim pointed out that doing international trade should keep pace with the international world, so that you can predict the diversion of the river in advance. We should continue to learn, improve our abilities, achieve diversified development, grasp the direction of river diversion, develop with the times, keep innovating at all times, and seize the new opportunities that the market gives us!

    In terms of raw materials, Crown's supply chain has also faced challenges this year, as consumption taxes have increased import costs. Only by doing a good job of planning, determined to innovate, solid supply chain services, and ensuring reasonable price competitiveness and stability of supply can it be possible to stabilize in the ever-changing market fluctuations.

    In the domestic market, the development of the wheel library has become more and more stable, and the performance has continued to grow. Tim proposed that digital marketing should be reasonably improved and brand awareness should continue to be expanded. He hopes that Lunku colleagues will continue to make persistent efforts, solid offline store operations, do a good job in digital marketing and membership services, financial management and control of assets and various risk assessments, so that Lunku can continue to maintain Good development.

    At the end of the speech, Tim expressed his best wishes to everyone, hoping that the entire group's business sectors will continue to learn and improve our innovation capabilities in the process of continuous river diversion, and seize better opportunities and greater development space. Let us be prepared for the 20th anniversary of the future, link our own business, company's business, and family happiness together, and wish everyone a better next step!

    Sophia, general manager of Crown Chemical Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the group, shared the joy of Crowntyre 15th birthday with everyone.

    "Fifteen years of ups and downs, fifteen years of inheritance and leap, fifteen years of side-by-side work together to make Coang today!" Through the development of Coang, and the personal growth experience, Sophia not only thanks the team and everyone for their support and trust in their cooperation. The help and support of the partners, on behalf of all my colleagues, expressed gratitude to the chairman Tim, "It is he who has supported the hundreds of Coangs behind him with his youth, hard work, extraordinary wisdom and countless sleepless nights. People’s small family leads everyone to move forward and create a better tomorrow!"

    Efforts pays off for those who have aspirations, and those who have aspirations will succeed! Sophia said that although the road ahead is slow, difficult and perilous, as long as everyone works together to help each other, Coang's future can be expected!